Hurry! The Ancaster Farmers Market Closes October 31st

Ancaster residents want fresh fruits and veggies, seasonal and local; they want to converse with the farmers who picked the berries and the bakers who baked the bread; they want products grown in a sustainable environment and a place to gather and mingle with like-minded community members. Ancaster residents know the importance of farmers markets, and show their support each Wednesday 3-7 pm at the Ancaster Farmers Market, located just behind St. John’s Anglican Church in the heart of the Ancaster Heritage Village.

Local musicians strum guitars and sing, while toddlers and their parents dance along. Couples wander, carrying tote bags filled with the freshest fruit and vegetables, artisan bread and cheeses, organic meats, jams, salsas, flowers, honey, maple syrup, Belgian chocolate treats and much more… Trendy youth snap photos, pick up the necessities for a vegetarian dinner and peddle away on their bikes. The environment is relaxed and fun!

As October wears on, the vendors will begin to sell the last of their products and will pack up for the last time this season on Wednesday, October 31st … until next year when the Ancaster Farmers Market reopens in June!

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