The first of many posts highlighting Ancaster’s attractions!

How it all began: I am one of Ancaster’s 33,000 residents. I’ve lived in the town for 22 years — leaving no more than 5 months at a time for university and studying/working abroad. I’ve scrapped my knees playing at locals parks, walked the halls of three public schools, hiked and biked on local trails, chowed down at restaurants, shared pints in its two Pubs, and for years I have been actively involved in community events. I’d say I know Ancaster pretty well!

In recent anticipation of a close friend visiting, I Google searched “Things to do in Ancaster”, as I was curious what others had to say about my town. To my surprise there were few Google results highlighting Ancaster’s main attractions, stores, restaurants, events, etc. I found myself thinking, “Hmmm where is all the tourist information?” Cue the Aha moment … “I’ll blog about all there is to see and do in Ancaster, giving visitors and locals the inside scoop!”

And so, here I am writing my first blog post of many about attractions in Ancaster. I’ve partnered with members of the Ancaster Business Improvement Area (BIA) association, who actively support local businesses and events in the Ancaster Heritage Village. In line with the BIA’s mission, I am excited to promote Ancaster as a “Complete, Liveable, Walkable Community that is sympathetic to its Heritage.”

I hope you become inspired to enjoy many of Ancaster’s authentic, heritage, and fun attractions, just as I have!

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One Response to The first of many posts highlighting Ancaster’s attractions!

  1. Dan Faulkner says:

    Nice to hear great things about our up and coming village. Would love to hear more about Ancaster.
    Stop around the gallery sometime and we would enjoy the opportunity to show you our perspective on Ancaster Heritage Village.

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